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报告题目:Aging transition in mixed active and inactive fractional-order oscillators





摘要:Coupled systems consisting of a population of oscillators may be partially damaged as a result of environment and individual factors. As the number of damaged oscillators gradually increases, the oscillation of the entire system decreases and vanishes at a critical ratio, announcing the appearance of aging transition. Recently, a mass of recent studies have been concentrated on aging transition, however, which have so far been restricted to coupled integer-order oscillators. Here, we report the first study of aging transition in mixed active and inactive fractional-order oscillators. It has been demonstrated that while the heterogeneity is caused by the distance parameter, both the coupling strength and the fractional-order derivative can impact modulate the critical ratio. And a small fractional-order derivative may ruin the ability of oscillation, thus reduce the critical ratio in globally coupled fractional-order Stuart-Landau oscillators. Remarkably, the larger natural frequency is, the more easily aging transition occurs in coupled fractional-order oscillators. Further studies have shown that, being diverse from an integer-order Stuart-Landau oscillator, the natural frequency may induce Hopf bifurcation in a fractional-order Stuart-Landau oscillator, accordingly, introducing a new heterogeneity in the coupled fractional-order Stuart-Landau oscillators. Therein, a counterintuitive phenomenon has been found that the critical ratio depends unmonotonously on the coupling strength, which implies that the coupled fractional-order Stuart-Landau oscillators possess the weakest robustness of oscillation at a certain level of coupling strength. This talk is based on joint work with Yuanyuan Liu .

报告人简介:孙中奎:西北工业大学教授。主要研究领域有非线性动力学理论和应用、随机动力学、神经系统动力学、网络系统动力学。德国University of Potsdam 博士后,美国University of South Florida访问学者。在国内外重要学术期刊上发表SCI论文70余篇。先后主持国家自然科学基金项目4项,担任全国力学学会青年工作委员会委员、陕西省数学会常务理事、陕西省大学数学教学委员会副主任委员。